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Hyperpigmentation Facial Serum



focus on eliminating your hyperpigmentation with this fruit infused serum.

Do you want to Focus on clearing up your hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Don’t worry! We have you covered. Focus is a hyperpigmentation serum filled with powerhouse ingredients that help to reduce dark spots and even skin tone. Focus has nutrient packed fruit and vegetable oils that offer a myriad of benefits that include anti aging, wrinkle smoothing and collagen production. Focus is an amazing combination of superfood oils that will reveal clear, illuminating and silky smooth skin.


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How To Use

Apply a small amount of Focus to your face after cleansing but before moisturizing.

Key Ingredients

Rosehip Seed Oil

Jojoba Oil

Plum Kernel

Pair with

Pair With Motivation Facial Scrub for optimal results.

Shelf Life And Packaging

This product has approx 8-12 months from the date shipped. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not let any water mix into the product.

1 oz glass bottle with dropper. Take the label off the product and recycle the jar.

Full Ingredients

carthamus tinctorius (safflower) oil, rosa moschata (rosehip) seed oil, prunus domestica (plum) seed oil, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, rubus fruticosus (blackberry) seed oil, passiflora incarnata (passionfruit) seed oil, vaccinium angustifolium (blueberry) seed oil, and pyrus communis (pear) seed oil.

plant-rich ingredients

intention based skincare

skin-type specific products



Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Lenora Corley
Amazing life changing skin care

I can not speak enough about how our skin is connected to everything that concerns us. I love this company. They have added healthy skin to my daily skin routine. They care about their customers. You can see real results in a short period of time. They are always there for you! All the skin products are amazing. Breathe is my most favorite.