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Self-Care Sunday: The Blog

We are so excited to welcome you to Self-Care Sundays.

We are so happy to finally start this weekly series! WE love getting the chance to drop gems especially on our new blog. After all, what is life without having people to share it with?


Some of the topics you can expect us to cover in the next month:


What Is Self-Care And Why Is It Important? - giving all the reasons why you should invest time in yourself

25 Affirmations To Get You Through The Week - and how they will give the motivation and foundation for your week

3 Ways To Take Care of Your Body - tips and tricks to take care of your body for the week and eventually forever

Should You Smudge And Why? - information on smudging and why it has become insanely popular 

7 Reasons Why It Is Okay To Be Selfish With Your Time - including topics on self-care, self-love, and self-healing.


These are the topics we cover for the entire month of January. Every month we will give you the preview for your Self-Care Sunday newsletter.


The Self-Care Sunday newsletter will start sending next Sunday.

Oh, and if you just can't wait for the next email, make sure you check out our Instagram to get any information we leave there.


And, if you made it this far use code THEBLOG for 20% off your order today to inspire some self-care for next Sunday.