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Self-Care Meets Skincare

Love Being In Your Skin, Again.

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Find Your Type

Take the quiz to figure out your skin type and find out what section of the club you belong to.

Plant-Rich + Skin Type Specific

Our products are plant-rich and skin type specific.

Find Your Minimal Skincare Routine

Start your skincare regimen based on your skin type with 3 products: a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer.


Meet Skin Cubed

The Skin Cubed Company provides plant-rich and skin type specific skincare for the ingredient conscious so, you can have products that enhance your self-care experiences.


we only use ingredients that come from plants, no funny business here. the cleanest and greenest ingredients around.

intention based

our products are created with self care in mind. they all have small mantras that are good for the soul.

skin-type specific

our products are created to target different skin types and skin concerns. no, one size fits all.

Build Your Minimal Skincare Routine

What The Club Is Saying About Us

This is some of the best skin care products that I have tried. I am skeptical about changing my skin care products. I am glad that I took the chance and tried it.


I love this product a little goes a long way. This moisturizer smells amazing and gives my face a subtle glow! I tell everyone I know about these wonderful products.


Not only does this smell amazing and moisturizes my face, it gives my face the shine that it’s been lacking! A little goes a long way so it lasts a long time which is a bonus :)


Our Promise To the Club

We Will Always

Create products with your skintype in mind.

Only use the best and purest ingredients.

Communicate efficiently and honestly.

Support and uplift women.